Recycling of fly ash from electric arc furnaces

Recycling of fly ash from electric arc furnaces

EAF dust from Electric arc furnaces is one of several wastes produced in the production of steel. The high zinc content (up to 30% by weight) of these wastes, as well as rising disposal costs, urge their recycling or incorporation into other materials. For every ton of steel manufactured, around 15-20 kg of fly ash is created. In recent years, global steel production has been around 1800 million tons per year. The Waelz method recycles most of the fly ashes produced in the EU. Nonetheless, over 67% of worldwide produced fly ashes end up in landfills, corresponding to 1-10 % of zinc’s yearly global production.

Our goal is to bring a rather different approach to the recovery of this type of waste, with outputs such as zinc oxide of the highest quality in the rubber sector and iron for reuse in the metallurgical industry.

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